• Tiffany James

A Moment of Encouragement

The seeds of Greatness is calling out .... " Open the curtains of your heart and let me burst forth." GREATNESS WILL TAKE A BACK SEAT BEHIND THE CURTAINS AND WAIT..... IT NEEDS PERMISSION TO COME FORTH ....SO WITH ALL AUTHORITY THAT CHRIST HAS GIVEN YOU, SAY ..GREATNESS COME FORTH! We all have seeds of greatness because we come from Greatness. Something is stirring in my spirit.. GET READY! Tiffany James, Encouraging Touch Enterprise "Give a gift that creates a Legacy to Encourage, Inspire, and Bless those you love for a life time"

#greatness #encouragement

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Created by Erika Olson, 2015.

Upgraded: In Just the Write Words, 2019

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