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Leaving a Legacy that last a life time....

I love leaving quotes of wisdom that I truly believe in and live by. I want to always leave a legacy of

encouragement to the world! This quote reminds us that we need strength to hold on to the things we are working for, praying for, and believing for !!! We need the strength to hold on to those dreams that seem to be long pass their due date, but in the same breath we need the courage to let go of having it our way, courage to let go of people who are actually blocking our dreams, courage to let go of anger, pain, resentment, hopelessness, shame, guilt, and anything else we feel we need!! Sometimes we need to let go; it takes courage to release ... especially when it's personal. What about when we have to let go of our children and trust them in God's hands, what about letting go of a job that we love because it's blocking us from our destiny, especially when we don't see a clear path! Courage to let go and believe there is something greater! Sometimes we are so afraid that if we let go that's the end when in actuality it's just the beginning. Be encouraged on today!

#encouragement #faith #success

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