Encouraging Touch Enterprise is a ministry with a passion to help you find your voice through the powerful gift of encouragement. Tiffany James holds both conference and retreat venues, as well as personal coaching, designed to embrace who you really are.

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Embrace who you are! When stripped of all the outward masks, discover that you are truly beautiful for who you are.

stop talking


In this day and age, it is too easy to let life pass us by. Stop talking and start living! God has placed dreams in each of our hearts. It is time to light the fire of passion again and get back on track.


I want to help you with this by providing a space to remove our outward masks to let you see who you truly are. Encouraging Touch Enterprise is a ministry designed by women for women to help women find their voice!


I am excited that you have joined the journey of finding your voice! I believe that the process of finding your voice is the beginning of authentically and powerfully living our your God-given destiny. 


How do I do this? I provide conference services, as well as mini-retreats, to help women get rejuvenated! I want to see women find their voice, embrace their dreams, pursue their destiny.


Learn how to have joy in the journey!


who you are.


Our culture is having an identity crisis - who are we? We believe we are asking the wrong question here. It should be: whose are we? When our identity is rooted in Christ, we can truly start living in freedom!




Life gets busy. Family, friends, work, bills. We can get worn down to a place where we only exist, and not live! Find your joy again with Encouraging Touch. We want you to be the best you can be! Come with the expectancy of an amazing time where you rediscover where your joy lies.

Tiffany James


Tiffany James is a constant reminder to those around her of all the reasons we have to keep going, keep fighting, keep believing, and keep expecting.


Kelsi M Arceneaux, Author of Clarity is Divine





Tiffany James is an amazing artist with a powerul performance of spoken word. She touches lives wherever she goes!


Erika Olson, Worship Leader, Oak Valley Church

Inspirational, dynamic, powerful, authentic, relatable, and memorable all describe Tiffany James.


Gina Dacus, FUN, Principle CEO




[Tiffany James is] very aware that, although flawed, she is a peculiar diamond by design. [She is] exactly what the body of Christ needs.


Vanessa Calloway, Purpose Coach